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Barcode scanners

Modern barcode scanners have a wide range of functions, and this is not only reading one-dimensional 1D and two-dimensional 2D barcodes, but also text recognition, scanning pictures and signatures, and even taking photos and videos. In this case, the read information is automatically converted into the required format for transmission to the computer device or POS system.

There are many modifications and configurations of barcode readers Mindeo that differ in the scanning method, industry, decoding speed, installation method, etc.

The most inexpensive and widely used are wired hand-held barcode scanners, which are used in small stores.

Presentation scanners have a higher decoding speed and a wider reading area zone and capture angle. This type of barcode scanner is mainly placed on the cash desk, but, if necessary, it can also be used in manual mode. It’s simply faster and easier to do the job if both hands are free to handle items.

Fixed barcode scanners are used to serve large retail chains where there is a large flow of visitors. Devices like bi-optical scanners often have two large scanning windows, a very high decoding speed, which allows you to serve clients pretty quick at the checkout.

Wireless barcode readers are often used in manufacturing, logistics or warehouses where employee mobility is very important.

There are also memory scanners which can be considered as first step to data capture terminals and industrials barcode scanners used in manufacturing to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

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