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Software for Android data terminals

Our software uses barcodes for the efficient inventory data storage and retrieval. You assign a unique code to each product or asset. When inventory is delivered to the warehouse/store, is moved between locations, sold or used for a project an employee scans a barcode with a Android mobile computer that has our mobile application installed.

Software for Android data terminals

Inventory counting with the help of the data capture terminal, receiving, movement or release of goods are frequent operations in the warehouse/store/office, and when automating these processes it is necessary to solve the issue of what application software is used. Due to the widespread use of the Android operating system, there is an increasing demand for android software for the data terminals. Iterator company offers such software for the data terminals FOR FREE.

Our software for the data terminals called "Scan manager" allows you to create documents, scan barcodes, view lists of goods and enter data.

Main functions of "Scan manager" software:

- inventory tacking/ stock-counting

- receiving and shipment of goods

- data collection and exchange

- searching for goods by item number, name, description, barcode

With our software field employees can review inventory stock, information and documentation in the field by scanning a barcode.

The new version of "Scan manager" software has an additional function of working with weight goods and serial numbers.

"Scan manager" is compatible with any type of accounting or WMS system, works on mobile PDT equipped with a bar code scanner and a touch screen. Our driver for mobile data terminals converts plain txt files into data understandable to the terminal program, and vice versa.

The software for data collection terminals is available for the Mindeo PDAs models Mindeo M40, Mindeo M50, Mindeo M60. If you decide to buy a data capture terminal from us - you will get the software for data collection terminals FOR FREE.

Track assets and inventory on the job sites, in the service trucks, warehouse, yard or a shop floor by scanning barcode labels with a Android data capture terminal with build-in bar-code scanner!

The user interface of our inventory software is very simple, convenient and understandable. You can switch the interface to English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish. Beta-version of software for Android data capture terminals ia available.