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Batteries for Mindeo PDT terminals

What is the name of the PDT battery? Lithium-ion batteries (Li-on marking) are the most common modern type of batteries for data capture terminals. Their advantage is their compact size and low weight, they are also durable. The lithium-ion battery is designed for 300 full charge and discharge cycles.

Batteries of any type, including lithium-ion batteries, have a limited lifespan, indicated by the number of charge cycles. Therefore, periodically there is a need to update batteries for mobile data collection terminals.

How to find out what kind of battery is needed for the Mindeo portable data terminal? The easiest way to determine the battery model is to open the cover of the device case and inspect the battery. Here you can find one or more stickers. Including on such stickers, the serial number of the battery may be indicated. Usually batteries come in standard and larger capacity (Extended Power of 6000-7000 mAh).

Is it possible to put a battery with a larger capacity in the Mindeo data collection terminal? Yes, it is possible to put an increased capacity battery in the handheld terminal, if it is provided by the manufacturer. 

What to do to make the battery last longer and how not to kill the battery in the Mindeo handheld radiocomputers? First, do not allow the device to completely discharge. It is optimal to connect mobile data terminals to power when the charge is 5-10%. Consider purchasing a spare battery that can be charged in a charger or communication cradle.

How much does it cost to replace a battery on a Mindeo data capture terminal? The cost of replacing the battery depends on the specific brand and model of the PDT, and the manufacturer's policy. More powerful models will cost more.

Mindeo offers a wide range of batteries for various models of terminals EDA, Mindeo wireless barcode scanners and memory scanners. You can buy batteries of both standard capacity and extended capacity from us. It is also possible to purchase batteries in small bulk - in packs of 10 pieces, which is a financially beneficial solution for your business.