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Mindeo MD6600-HD USB Handheld barcode scanner

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MD6600-HD Mindeo handheld barcode scannerMD6600-HD Mindeo handheld barcode scanner

Mindeo MD6600-HD USB Handheld barcode scanner

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The Mindeo MD6600-HD handheld barcode scanner supports decoding of all popular 1D and 2D barcodes. In addition, thanks to the scanning photo module, it is possible to read information from screens of electronic devices. Omnidirectional scanning makes it possible to read barcodes at different scanning angles.

The High Density Series Scan Engine enhances the scanner's capabilities—the MD6600-HD delivers superior quality and improved decoding speeds, as well as exceptional success rates for reading even poorly printed bar codes or those placed under shrink wrap.

“Plug-and-Play” technology will allow you to quickly connect the Mindeo scanner to any device, without installing any drivers.

The ergonomic pistol grip of the scanner is designed for long-term use. The green aiming indicator will help you avoid making mistakes when scanning and will not tire your eyes. The kit includes a USB cable 2 meters long and a stand, which allows you to use the MD6600 scanner in automatic mode.

With the help of an AUX cable, the MD6600 handheld scanner can work in tandem with the MP8600 and MP8608 desktop scanners. Such a combination of scanners will help to scan oversized goods in construction hypermarkets and supermarkets.

This model will find its application in various industries - with the help of the Mindeo MD6600-HD barcode scanner it is quite easy to scan discount cards, coupons, and can also be used to register visitors to various events.

Advantages of the Mindeo MD6600-HD handheld barcode scanner:

- image (photo) scanning technology

- reading of 1D and 2D barcodes

- reading of high-density codes, electronic codes, as well as contaminated codes

- easy connection and setup of the scanner “Plug-and-Play”

- convenient and simple operation

- low cost

Scanning technology Image scanner
Reading speed Multi-plane
Minimum permission 1D (Code 128): 3 mil
Permission of the scanning module 1280 х 800 pixels
Scanning angles Horizontally: 41, vertically 28
Indication Sound / LED
Scan mode Manual, presentational
Possibility of decoding One-dimensional, two-dimensional codes and PDF417
Supported interfaces USB Keyboard, USB virtual COM, RS-232
Operating temperature range From -10 to + 50 ° C
Resistance to falls Withstands numerous drops on concrete from a height of 2 m
Environmental protection IP52
Complete set Scanner, interface cable, stand, user manual
Dimensions 90x 62.8 x 153 см
Weight 132 g
Modifications of the Mindeo MD6600 barcode scanner Mindeo MD6600
Part-number Description
MD6600-SR_USB_stand Mindeo MD6600-SR, 2D, USB, Stand

MD6600-SR RS232_stand

Mindeo MD6600AT-SR, 2D, RS232, Stand
MD6600-HD USB_stand Mindeo MD6600-HD, 2D, USB, Stand
MD6600-HD RS232_stand Mindeo MD6600-HD, 2D, RS232, Stand

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