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MS3690 2D Scanner-light data collection terminal

MS3690 2D Scanner-lite data collection terminalMS3690 2D Scanner-lite data collection terminal

MS3690 2D Scanner-light data collection terminal

235 €


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The Mindeo MS3690 compact pocket mini scanner with memory is a unique hybrid device that includes a wide range of functionality that is inherent not only to barcode scanners, but also to data capture terminals.

First, the MS3690 barcode reader is equipped with a monochrome display, which allows you to monitor the scanning process and manage the scanned data. In addition, the Mindeo MS3690 light terminal model has an autonomous memory (4 MB (8 MB); 76 MB), which is enough to store up to 5 million barcodes.

The scanner with memory Mindeo MS3690 has the ability to work both online, transmitting data in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks, while the Wi-Fi coverage area is up to 100 m in open space, and Bluetooth - up to 30 m.

The Mindeo MS3690 terminal scanner is equipped with a powerful 1900 mAh battery, which takes 4 hours to fully charge, after which the scanner can operate actively for up to 19 hours.

This modification of the MS3690 barcode scanner is equipped with a universal image scan module that successfully decodes all types of 1D/2D barcodes, including electronic barcodes from the screens of mobile devices.

The Mindeo MS3690 scanner is designed for use in difficult conditions, on the road, as well as in production, warehouse, etc. That is why this model is able to work at extreme temperatures from -20° to +55°C, withstands repeated drops on concrete from a height of 1.2 meters, and also has a fully sealed case with dust and water resistance class - IP65.

Flexible software customization. Easy to program: A SDK based on C is provided including user-friendly IDE & fully functional APIs. 

But the most important thing to pay attention to is that the Mindeo MS3690 radio bar code scanner + light data collection terminal, despite its outstanding functional characteristics, is much cheaper than devices of the same category from other manufacturers.

Advantages of Mindeo MS3690 mini scanner + data terminal:

- Affordable cost

- Compact size, portable design

- Monochrome display

- Memory for 5,000,000 barcodes

- Autonomous work - up to 19 hours

- High level of sealing - IP65

- Operating temperature range - from -20° to +55°С

- Data transfer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks

- Compatibility with Windows, Android and iOS


Memory 4 MB (8 MB); 76 MB
Screen OLED display (128x64)
Wireless connection Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Wired interface USB, USB virtual COM
Scanning technology Image
Data transfer speed 1 scan/5 sec
Range of action 30 м – Bluetooth; 100 м - Wi-Fi
Types of barcodes 2D
Battery 1900 mAh
Protection class IP65
Working temperature From -20° to +55°C
Impact resistance Withstands repeated drops from a height of 1.2 m
Dimensions 125 x 46 x 31 mm
Weight 115 g