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The Mindeo brand belongs to the Chinese company Shenzhen MinDe Electronics Technology Ltd, which has been on the market since 2004. The company has built a strong and stable R&D team, develops high-quality scanning modules and produces data terminals, barcode scanners and software.

In 2006, Mindeo started the independent production of barcode scanners and has accumulated rich production experience since then. The production center occupies an area of 4024.1 m2, equipped with advanced technological equipment for production and testing. The company has successfully passed certification and successfully implemented ISO and OHSAS standards. The product lines are certified by CE, FCC and RoHS etc. All solutions are not only certified, checked by the quality department at each stage, but also made using advanced technologies.

The Mindeo company adheres to the "born to challenge" principle, produces the highest quality products, and in recent years has consistently been among the best global players in the market of barcode reading and data collection equipment.

The manufacturer's website http://www.mindeo.cn/ does not contain all information about Mindeo products. You can find more information on the websites https://www.mindeo.shop/ and https://www.mindeo.com.ua/.

Let's look at the range of Mindeo products, their characteristics and features.

Barcode scanners

• Handheld barcode scanners

• Presentation barcode scanners

• Fixed barcode scanners

• Built-in barcode scanners

• Ring scanners

• Scanners with memory

• Wireless barcode scanners

Data capture terminals

• Data capture terminals with keyboard

• Data capture terminals without a keyboard

Scan engines

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Wired barcode readers are connected to a PC, POS system, cash register using a USB cable, RS-232 or in a "PS/2". All Mindeo models feature soft white illumination and a green beam for quick and convenient aiming. All Mindeo scanners are ready to use out of the box. Plug-and-play technology allows you to automatically determine the type of cable to get started without additional settings. But if necessary, changes in settings are easily programmed by reading special barcodes from the manual.

Handheld barcode scanners are the most economical solution.

The MD6600 scanner is a bestseller in Mindeo's line of hand-held imagers, which has received numerous positive reviews thanks to its low price and good reading characteristics. During its development, special attention was paid to barcodes on tobacco and alcohol products, as the most difficult to recognize. Other devices of the budget segment do not always cope with reading these symbols, especially in conditions of intensive load.

The MD6600 is available in two versions: regular resolution (SR) and megapixel (HD). The MD6600-HD scanner is suitable for pharmacies to process small dense bar codes on medicines, for electronics stores to decode small bar codes with serial numbers, for jewelry stores to read bar codes from jewelry labels.

Presentation bar code scanners from Mindeo are installed on the desktop, support several interfaces to connect to different host devices. They automatically recognize the barcode when it is detected in the reading field. The MP725 model can be switched to manual mode. Mindeo scanners do a great job with problematic barcodes on corrugated, reflective, curved surfaces. These are usually found in retail stores, pharmacies, and jewelry stores.

All Mindeo fixed barcode reader support omnidirectional image scanning technology and are suitable for processing two-dimensional 2D QR barcodes, including damaged, truncated and poorly printed ones. Like other Mindeo imagers, these scanners recognize information from paper media, loyalty cards and mobile device screens. The unique design of the stationary scanner MP8600 allowed to combine a large scanning window and the ability to adjust the angle of the scanner. Due to such an unexpected approach, the scanner won its fans.

Built-in barcode scanners can be used for mounting in cash box or self-service checkouts in retail, as well as self-ordering kiosks in fast food restaurants. The wide viewing angle and multi-plane reading technology allow to recognize barcodes the first time and without long aiming – which is important if the scanner is used by customers and not by staff. The auto-detection mode provides maximum performance and high throughput.

Memory scanners have two main modes of operation: online data transfer and batch scanning. The Mindeo MS3690 memory scanner, due to the presence of a display and advanced functionality, is a cheap option for a data terminal. Thanks to the display and buttons, you can change the read data. The compact wireless scanner with memory reads 1D and 2D barcodes, and also performs some PDA functions: stores data and transmits them to the ERP/WMS system. At the same time, the Mindeo MS3690 light terminal has compact dimensions and weighs 115 g.

Mindeo ring scanners are an ergonomic and stylish design for comfortable scanning: the ring scanner fits comfortably on the hand without interfering with other tasks. The large scanning key located on the side is convenient to press, the finger will not get tired during the working day. The Mindeo range includes SR modifications for standard barcodes and an HD model, which is suitable for high-density codes.

Mindeo wireless radio scanners come with a charging and communication bases (cradles). It connects to the computer and transmits the data received from the mobile reader wirelessly (via Bluetooth or a radio channel at a frequency of 433 MHz). The connection to the computer is carried out using a USB, RS-232 or PS/2 cable. The cradle also functions as a charger. In all models of Mindeo radio scanners, the packet data transfer mode is implemented. If the connection is lost, the scanner will save the barcodes and download them immediately after the signal is restored.

Mindeo data terminals are powerful modern microcomputers with maximum case protection. Scanning modules ensure error-free reading of barcodes, including poorly printed and damaged ones. Wi-Fi roaming guarantees fast data transfer. Batteries have a solid capacity. The Mindeo range includes both PDA with a keyboard and terminals-smartphones with a large display.

Mindeo scanning modules have excellent scanning quality. The manufacturer does not chase the number and wide assortment, but each model is the crown of R&D process. Mindeo scan modules very quickly read and decode small 1D/2D codes on corrugated, reflective or curved surfaces, under protective films, etc., which are often found in retail stores, pharmacies, jewelry stores, optical stores. All Mindeo devices read barcodes both from paper media and from the screens of mobile devices.

Having its own software and hardware development and production facilities provides the company with competitiveness and the ability to quickly respond to market requirements, dveloping new models of barcode scanners and data collection terminals. An attractive price, compared to competitive models of the same quality, also plays a role in the popularity of the Mindeo brand.

Where to buy Mindeo scanners and terminals?

You can buy barcode scanners and data capture terminals with a warranty from authorized distributors and resellers.