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Mindeo handheld barcode scanners

Handheld barcode scanners Mindeo are widely used in the retail industry. This type of scanner is popular due to its low price, ease of operation, reliability and small size. The wired data transfer to POS system made through the cables USB/RS-232 interfaces. Mostly they installed on the cash drawer or on the cash counter. This type of scanner can operate both in manual and automatic modes, that's why manual barcode scanners are mostly sold with special stands, where the reader switches to the automatic scanning mode. Mindeo wireless scanners also has stands but they are used also for charging.

Handheld scanners Mindeo read barcodes when clearly positioned against the scanning window, which takes time. That’s why for big supermarkets or hypermarkets it’s better to choose Mindeo presentation barcode scanners or Mindeo fixed scanners.

When choosing a barcode reader, it is important to consider such characteristics as scanning speed and the type of barcodes the device will operate with. For reading linear barcodes, a model with a laser scanning module is suitable, such a device has a lower price and a good reading speed. To work with two-dimensional barcodes and read codes from the screens of computer gadgets, it is necessary to buy a Mindeo barcode reader that uses photo scanning technology (image scanning).

You can buy Mindeo scanners and PDA Data terminals through web-site in Poland with delivery to any country in Europe https://www.mindeo.com.pl/

You can buy Mindeo scanners and Mindeo handheld data terminals in Ukraine https://mindeo.com.ua/


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