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A PDA, a term that comes from the term Personal Digital Assistant, is a micro-computer that combines a smartphone, a barcode scanner, and all of this in a secure housing.

PDAs, commonly known as inventory devices, can be used as a mobile phone, barcode scanner, camera, Internet browser, personal organizer, or GPS, among other functions. Other important components and functions are also a touch screen and in some models a keyboard, memory cards, wireless and wired connection. In the case of wireless connectivity, most modern terminals have both Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to use WiFi WWAN and GPS networks. Some of these devices use a regular or snap-on USB cable that allows you to connect them to your computer and also serve as power supply ports.

Thanks to the use of various options for transmitting and receiving information, synchronization of data on the availability of commodity and production stocks, fixed assets occurs.

Terminal PDA is present in almost all processes of receiving and shipment of goods carried out in the warehouse:

• Preparation of orders for the end user: packing, checking and shipping.

• Return to supplier, transfer between warehouses.

• Inventory and stock control.

• Acceptance of orders.

One of the most common questions about these terminals is how they differ from smartphones. Well, the main difference we find with them is not in the processor or the operating system, but in their protected housing and the presence of a barcode scanner. Handheld PDA Android Mindeo with different types of scan engines can read different barcode labels, from standard to very high density, from paper to screen, from normal to damaged.

Why should we use a PDA terminal for inventory management?

As we mentioned above, hand held terminals greatly facilitate the commercial management of warehouses and such processes as picking, returning or inventory control. The PDA scanner terminal is very efficient as it transmits information electronically and instantaneously without creating errors or delays.

This means that if our company has stocks distributed in different places, it is these terminals that will allow us to collect the necessary data and thus always maintain updated stock data in real time.

Mindeo PDA data terminals in Europe

Mindeo data terminals are widely used for automation in warehousing, retail, logistics, HoReCa. PDA/PDT from Mindeo are microcomputers for any budget and with different functionality: from light terminals to corporate devices in the form of a smartphone with and without a keyboard.

We recommend buying the Mindeo M40 terminal if you need an inexpensive device for solving everyday tasks in a small warehouse and in a store: inventory, registration of new batches from suppliers, checking prices on windows, etc. 

Mindeo MS 3690 is a wireless memory scanner with terminal functions, equipped with buttons and a display. It not only scans barcodes, but also performs some of the functions of a data capture terminal.