Корзина пуста

Inventory counting, goods shipping and receiving control. The software for data terminals

We offer "Scan manager", a universal software for Mindeo Android and Windows terminals, to enterprises that use barcodes for goods control. Moreover, this software for data collection terminals is offered free of charge to the customers who decide to buy Mindeo data collection terminals from us.


The main functions of the Scan manager software platform are

- goods control during receiving and shipping;

- inventory counting, stock-taking;

- data collection & data exchange;

- searching for goods by item number, name, description, barcode;

- fixed assets tracking;

- shop stock control, viewing product data.

Inventory counting using the data terminal takes much less time, and the functionality of goods counting during receiving and shipping goods provides high accuracy and efficiency of data collection and processing. Scan manager software user interface is very simple and does not require any special skills from the operator.

The software allows you to create documents, scan barcodes, view lists of products\fixed assets and enter different data. SQL Lite is used as the database. TXT (text) files are used. Our driver for data collection terminals converts plain txt files into data understandable to the terminal program, and vice versa.