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Software for Windows data terminals

"Scan manager" software for Windows data terminals allows you to create documents, scan barcodes, view lists of values and enter different information.

Our software for Windows data collection terminal, as well as software for Mindeo Android data terminals has the following basic functionality:

- goods/asset control upon receiving, shipment, movement

- inventory checking, stock auditing

- viewing of product data

- searching for goods by code, barcode or description

- information exchange.

"Scan manager" software is scalable goods/assets shipping and receiving software platform.  Scanning products as you receive them is the first step in a barcode inventory management system. Just as important is scanning products out when you pull them for orders and then ship them to customers. A barcode reader adds to your stock count when you receive items and subtracts from it when you send them to customers.

Stock auditing is important for inventory management because it helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of a company's inventory records. It involves physically counting of items in stock to determine if they match the inventory records. This allows companies to identify and correct any discrepancies, such as errors in record keeping or theft, which can have a significant impact on the financial health of a business. Additionally, regular stock audits can help companies identify patterns and trends in inventory usage, which can inform purchasing and stock management decisions.

Our mobile app for portable data terminals (PDT) is suitable also for all tasks where you just need to view availability data. If an item card has not yet been created, it is possible to scan the barcode and link it to the new created card later (by means of the accounting system).

Our driver for data collection terminals converts the usual txt files into the data understandable by the terminal program, and vice versa. For terminals with Windows, you can download or upload data from the terminal to your PC using the "Explorer" program by first installing Windows Mobile Device Center.

You can also buy from us Mindeo PDA data terminals and receive with them the software for data capture terminals FREE OF CHARGE.

Barcode- or QR-code-based inventory counting with handheld devices improves counting speed comparing to traditional physical counting.

Try our free beta-version of "Scan manager" software for Mindeo Windows data terminals.