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Mindeo barcode ring scanners

Corded hand-held Mindeo barcode scanners are cheap but Ring Scanning Devices (Ring Scanners) are often used in applications where speed of information collection is of key importance. The ring scanner is designed to leave the operator's hands free, greatly optimizing workflow and minimizing the risk of damaging the scanning equipment by falling. The ring scanner works in conjunction with a data capture terminals Mindeo (including used data capture terminals), smartphones or wrist-mounted handheld computer.

The ergonomic design and high level of reliability ensure the mobility of your employees, thereby bringing the work of your company to a new quality level.

Any time two hands are required to function in the workplace, wearable bluetooth ring scanners are the best solution to allow workers to use both hands to pick faster and expand productivity dramatically, while reducing errors and repetitive motions.

A small, light weight and powerful hands-free 1D/2D Corded Ring Scanners and Bluetooth Wearable Scanners Mindeo maximize worker productivity and accuracy in your operations.

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