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Charging stations (cradles) for Mindeo PDA terminals

To begin with, let us mention that, like any mobile device, a Mindeo data capture terminal, a memory scanner, a wireless barcode scanner,  is equipped with a battery that lasts for a certain time (the more powerful the battery, the more hours it lasts). You can charge all these devices via cable, but it is much more convenient to charge in special devices. How long the PDA is charging will depend on the battery power (mAh).

Charging stations (cradles) for mobile terminals EDA are of several types:

1) In addition to the cable for charging the PDA there are “snap on” devices equipped with durable connectors and designed for multiple connections. You extend the life of your device and provide fast charging via USB or USB-C connector by snapping on the charging terminal.

2) Battery chargers. Their main function is to charge the batteries of the PDA without transmitting data. Such chargers are designed to charge one or more batteries. There are also models for charging batteries installed in PDA and slots for charging spare batteries. Thus, the charging station can simultaneously charge up to 2 batteries - the battery in the data collector and a spare battery.

There are charging docks for charging terminals equipped with a pistol grip. Often these pistol grip models only charge when the terminal is in the cradle. Separately, in the case of such a cradle there are slots for charging spare batteries, which have a special shape adapted to the shape of the handle.

3) Communication and charging bases (cradle) are devices that not only charge the battery of the terminal, but also exchange information with the main computer device. In our assortment you will find cradles for 1, 4, 6 terminals with USB or Ethernet interfaces. The so-called Single Slot cradle or 4 slot cradle.

Many models of cradles are equipped with several connectors for batteries and for terminal EDA, which is very convenient if the enterprise uses several hand held computers and needs to charge several devices at the same time. In addition, multi-slot cradles allow you to have several additional charged batteries on hand, eliminating the risk of downtime due to discharged equipment.