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Repair of Mindeo barcode scanners

Hand-held barcode scanners and wireless radioscanners fall down very often because of the way they are used. Only some models of industrial barcode scanners have a high level of protection of the housing IP 65. Most of them have a degree of protection IP 42 and cannot withstand regular drops to the floor from a height of more than 1.2 m. 

If the Mindeo barcode scanner was recently dropped on the floor and you noticed some cracks on the scanner body - in this case, you can immediately contact the service center for the repair of barcode scanners. Perhaps simply by replacing the case, using a donor device, you can quickly return the device to work.

Such a malfunction as a broken scanner button in a handheld or desktop barcode scanner is also clearly visible. Is the trigger malfunctioning or stuck? This error is typical if you use the equipment for a long time, because the button has a guarantee for the number of presses. More expensive models, Mindeo barcode scanners are equipped with reliable SMD buttons. Such buttons are soldered to the textolite board and covered with a waterproof membrane that protects the filling from dirt, dust and water. But any readers can break and in this case the solution is to replace the button.

After a fall, moving parts may appear inside. The problem may be invisible to the user, but if the barcode scanner does not work, it makes sense to contact specialists in this field.

Check the wire for damage or breaks. Sometimes these breaks are not visible and we think that the reader is broken, but the error comes from the cable. If you have the same model, replace the cable, optionally reboot the scanner and connect the scanner to a computer or POS system.

If you've already checked all of the above and your scanner still won't read barcodes, then the problem is most likely with the scanner itself. So, you should ask yourself the following questions: Is the reader still out of warranty? If the warranty period has not yet expired, you can contact the seller of the product, who will confirm sending it to our service center for the repair of Mindeo scanners.

Contact our service center for repairing Mindeo scanners, we will be able to repair the barcode scanner, correct the most frequent errors of the barcode readers themselves. We can repair all kinds of barcode scanner malfunctions - if the barcode scanner hangs, if the barcode scanner turns off, etc.