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Mindeo MP8600 Stationary barcode scanner

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MP8600 Stationary barcode scanner MindeoMP8600 Stationary barcode scanner Mindeo

Mindeo MP8600 Stationary barcode scanner

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The advantage of the Mindeo MP8600 stationary scanner is a large scanning window, which significantly reduces the time the operator spends on matching the barcode to the device and the reading area. Even an inexperienced cashier will be able to scan barcodes from various types of products much faster than with a handheld or presentation scanner, even if they are large packages and even if the product is close to the reader.

The dimensions of the scanner and the reading field of the Mindeo MP8600 scanner are similar to the Zebra DS7708 stationary reader or the Honeywell Solaris 7980g scanner. The same applies to other features. The TYPU Area Imager Mindeo MP8600 scanner reads linear 1D and two-dimensional 2D codes, both printed and from mobile device screens.

At the same time, it is not possible to change the tilt angle of the device in stationary scanners of a similar size, and the unique design with a stand of the Mindeo MP8600 code scanner allows you to mount the scanner on a stand and change the tilt angle. Thanks to its ergonomic design, Mindeo MP8600 can be installed even in the smallest cash registers and can be easily moved.

Features such as the ability to adjust the tone and volume of the sound emitted by the code scanner to confirm the reading using buttons on the side panel of the device further increase ease of use.

In pharmacies, some scanners have difficulty reading small 1D/2D codes from the reflective or curved surfaces of tablet blisters. In retail stores selling tobacco products, it may be difficult to decode small barcodes that are located under protective foils that have been folded several times. However, this does not apply to Mindeo scanners.

The Mindeo MP8600 barcode reader uses Area-Imaging technology and easily handles 1D and 2D codes, poorly printed or damaged barcodes, and dense small 2D codes on alcohol, tobacco products or medicines in small food kiosks, gas stations and pharmacies.

Using an AUX cable, the MD6600 handheld scanner can work with the MP8600 stationary reader. This combination of scanners will help in scanning oversized goods in construction hypermarkets and supermarkets.

The Mindeo MP8600 stationary barcode reader comes with a USB interface cable. The virtual COM port driver (USB-RS232) for COM port emulation can be downloaded from our website in the Instructions section.

The reliable design and quality of the device guarantee quiet and long-term operation. We offer free tests of the Mindeo MP8600 scanner. If you are interested, please contact our office at: Strzeszyńska 31, 60-479 Poznań. By purchasing the Mindeo 2D barcode scanner at a price much lower than its counterparts, you will receive exceptional quality and a unique device with the best value for money.

Advantages of the Mindeo MP8600 scanner:

- Large scanning window.

- Compact dimensions.

- Presence of a stand.

- Possibility to change the angle of the scanning head.

- Reading small 1D/2D barcodes

- Reading printed and "electronic" codes.

- Exceptional quality.

- The best value for money.



Scanning technology Scan image
Scanner sensor 1280х1024
Scanning speed 95 scans/sec
Scanning range From 0 to 210 mm
Types of barcodes 1D/2D barcodes, electronic barcodes
Connection interfaces USB, USB virtual COM
Protection class IP52
Working temperature 0-50°C

152x82x145 mm - without a stand

152x112x187 mm - with a stand


482 g - without a stand

755 g - with a stand

The driver for USB Virtual COM can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website http://www.mindeo.cn/view_product.php?id=80&cid=79&lang=1###

USB Virtual COM driver installation guide

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