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Mindeo MS3690 1D Scanner-lite data collection terminal

MS3690 1D Scanner-lite data collection terminalMS3690 1D Scanner-lite data collection terminal

Mindeo MS3690 1D Scanner-lite data collection terminal

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Pocket radio barcode scanner Mindeo MS3690 is an affordable and at the same time highly functional device with the capabilities of a portable data collection terminal of the lite version. So, the model of the data collection terminal scanner is equipped with a monochrome display, which allows you to monitor and correct the read data, as well as monitor the process of online data transfer. In addition, the Mindeo MS3690 data terminal mini-scanner can store up to 5,000,000 barcodes in batch mode in case of loss of online communication with the main computer device.

There are configurations of the Mindeo MS3690 radio scanner with the ability to work in a Bluetooth network, as well as with a built-in Wi-Fi module. The coverage radius of the Wi-Fi zone is 100 m, and the radius of Bluetooth coverage is 30 m.

The MS3690 scanner is equipped with a laser module for recognizing linear barcodes at a distance of up to 25 cm. The scanning speed is 1 scan/5 s.

Bar code reader-data collection terminal Mindeo MS3690 can be widely used in shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, during field work, in warehouses, in cold rooms, as well as in production in rooms with a high level of dust and extreme temperature conditions. Such a wide field of use of this scanner was determined by the security characteristics of the reader-data terminal: it can withstand multiple falls on concrete from a height of 1.2 meters, can be operated at temperatures from -20° to +55°C and has an almost completely sealed housing with a class of protection against dust and moisture - IP65.

Auto-renewal operation of the scanner for 19 hours is supported by a powerful lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1900 mAh.

Advantages of the Mindeo MS3690 mini scanner with memory + light terminal:

- a hybrid device that combines the functionality of a scanner and a data collection terminal;

- compact size, which makes it possible to carry the scanner even in a pocket;

- the possibility of storing up to 5,000,000 barcodes in the internal memory;

- work online via Bluetooth (radius 30 m, time - 19 hours);

- work online via Wi-Fi (radius - 100 m, time - 12 hours);

- protection class IP 65;

- working temperature range - -20° to +55°С

Memory 4 MB (8 MB); 76 MB
Display  OLED display (128x64)
Wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Wired interface USB, USB virtual COM
Scanning technology Laser
Data transfer speed 1 scan/5 sec
Range of action 30 m – Bluetooth; 100 m - Wi-Fi
Types of barcodes 1D
Battery 1900 mAh
Protection class IP65
Working temperature From -20° to +55°С
Impact resistance Withstands repeated drops from a height of 1.2 m
Dimensions 125 х 46 х 31 mm
Weight 115 g