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Mindeo mobile data capture terminals PDA

Mindeo mobile rugged hand-held data capture terminals are mobile handheld computers, widely used in various spheres of business activities to carry out inventory, make orders, control over the availability of products. This is a portable phone-size/gun-grip handheld mini-computers with a built-in barcode scanners. In addition, such mobile data capture and collection devices are characterized by a high level of impact resistance and sealed housing.

The Mindeo portable data capture terminal allows various enterprises to build a proven and reliable platform for deploying mobile applications. Our wide range of products, including data collection terminals, wearable terminals, transport/vehicle computers, microkiosks, tablets combined with our experience, allows us to offer complete mobile solutions to enterprises and government organizations. You’ll find Mindeo batch and wireless handheld technology in our store.

Data collection terminals, mobile computers, and software make a huge difference in speed and efficiency. Years of pioneering experience in data collection terminals, mobile computers and wireless networks can help businesses make the transition from paper to electronic workflows.

Mobile business solutions and Handheld & Mobile Computers help collect, transfer and control information in areas where it was previously impossible. It is worth mention that in addition to a wide range of functions, some models of Mideo PDAs mobile data collection terminals can work in extreme temperature conditions in warehouses, on ramps, in refrigerators. And in case of Mindeo Android PDAs – the price is absolutely affordable.

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