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Data capture terminals

Data capture terminals or portable data terminals (abbreviated as PDT) are mobile handheld computers designed for workers who need a high-performance industrial laptop computer that is much more reliable and durable than a typical smartphone. Corporate data collection terminals are powerful enough to handle demanding tasks, yet lightweight and compact enough to fit in a pocket or on a belt. The first task for which data terminals began to be used was the inventory of goods and fixed assets.

In the beginning, users often preferred to buy off-line data collection terminals (or batch-terminals), which use the batch mode of accumulating barcodes in memory and further transfer data to a computer (database) via a communication-charging device (cradle). Recently, wireless mobile terminals serve to deploy a system of data collection and processing, which can improve the efficiency in Retail, manufacturing and logistics. As a rule, in the case of the radio-terminal indoor use terminals with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interfaces. In the case of using the terminal outdoors on a large distance exchange of data is carried out on the interface GSM/GPRS.

Previously, only Phone-Size smartphone-format PDT or EDA (electronic data assistant) were equipped with a 3G/4G card, because they were often used outside the office by couriers and merchandisers. And the shockproof terminals used for intensive scanning in warehouses, production facilities and sales halls did not have such functionality. But the latest innovations among warehouse data collection terminals are also equipped with LTE for seamless roaming both indoors and outdoors. 

We propose Mindeo Android data collection terminals with a built-in 1D or 2D barcode scanner, scanners with extended read ranges, and various types of keypads. They have rugged, sealed housing. The water- and dust-proof terminals, like transport computers, are designed to withstand multiple drops on concrete and various temperatures.

All technical characteristics need to be considered when purchasing a data collection terminal, just like the tasks you are going to perform. To solve the specific tasks of your corporation - we suggest you pay attention to our software for data capture terminals.

If you are going to buy a data terminal please call to our specialists, who will choose for you a Mindeo data collection terminal, which price will correspond to your budget. We propose Wide Selection of Phone-Size/Gun-Grip Handheld Data Collectors. You may also be interested in such service as rental of data capture terminals, if you need the device for a short period of time for inventory or during the "high season".

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