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Software for data terminals

Functioning of any computer equipment is impossible without high-quality and modern software. For the highly functional work of data capture terminals, a number of software is developed that allows you to effectively use these devices for stock-counting, registration, collection of orders, inventory of products in your enterprise. But quite often standard software can not cover the full range of tasks, which arise in connection with the peculiarities of a particular type of business.

Our leading programming experts have years of experience in developing and updating software for mobile PDAs. We have a variety of software configurations, which, in turn, can also be tailored to the specifics of a particular type of business. For example, our programmers have developed unique programs for data collection terminals with price tag printing function, software for inventory, receipt and delivery of goods and much more.

For more information on development of software for data terminals, please call us at the phone numbers listed on the website, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Our software for MINDEO PDA data terminals can vary in terms of functionality and is suitable for small, medium and large companies. And here you will find both programs for android PDT and for windows data capture terminals.

During our years of software development we made sure that knowledge of customer's industry specifics and understanding of customer's business processes is as important as technical competence and development methodology.

We offer the software free of charge if you decide to buy a Mindeo data terminal from us.