Корзина пуста

Service center

We are a distributor and service center for the repair of Mindeo PDA data terminal, Mindeo barcode scanners. For customers, this means that we carry out repairs quickly. You will not need to wait for the equipment to be sent to a service center in another part of the world. In addition, we have a warehouse of spare parts.

We provide various types of technical assistance:

Repair in the event of a product defect detected upon receipt (free of charge)

Repair during the warranty period (free of charge)

Repair in the post-warranty period

Repair at the customer's location

We provide a variety of services for AUTO-ID equipment, repair of power supplies, screens and motherboards, mechanical repairs, etc. We have the opportunity to offer repair of Mindeo equipment in any city of Europe.

In the case of non-warranty repair, we can confirm you the exact cost of repairing the PDA terminal, Mindeo barcode scanner after diagnostic.


The main directions
Repair of Mindeo terminals PDA
Repair of Mindeo barcode scanners