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Mindeo wireless barcode scanners

Mindeo wireless barcode scanners are widely used in logistics, warehouses, industry and other areas of business activities, when there is a need to collect information remotely. Unlike Mindeo hand-held readers for data transfer to POS system or computer radio scanners use Bluetooth (bluetooth scanners) or Wi-Fi networks with a coverage area from 10 to 100 m.

The reading distance varies from model to model of Mindeo barcode scanner. Almost all wireless barcode scanners are equipped with internal memory, which is used to store data in case the operator with this device is out of network coverage area.

Wireless barcode scanners are divided into two main categories:

- for reading one-dimensional barcodes, a laser scan module is used;

- for reading one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, image scanning technology is used.

The capacity of the built-in battery is very important to the productivity of the scanner. A standard capacity battery is designed for approximately 2000 scanning operations.

Since wireless barcode scanners are often used in harsh industrial environments, prone to bumps and drops, manufacturers pay special attention to the tightness and shock resistance of these devices (often equipped with a sealed plastic housing with rubberized inserts).

Wireless barcode scanners are more expensive than corded barcode readers, wired industrials barcode scanners but at the same time, their functionality is much wider, which can significantly optimize the production process of your company.

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