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Mindeo stationary barcode scanners

Mindeo Stationary (Fixed) barcode scanners are used at cash desks together with POS systems with high throughput for maximum optimization of customer service. Unlike Mindeo  presentation scanners built-in barcode scanners are equipped with a large scanning window performing high-speed multi-plane scanning of barcodes, with multi-line scanning and a wide angle of the scanned area allowing to decode a barcode and serve the customer at the checkout as quickly as possible.

Also widely used in commerce are bi-optic barcode scanners with two large scanning windows located in the horizontal and vertical planes, which allows you to "see" the goods from 5 sides simultaneously. Very often the bi-optic scanners can be additionally equipped with weighing platforms, which significantly optimizes the work process. It is also possible to add a small barcode scanner for the customer, which allows the visitor to read the code from the loyalty card, bonus card, as well as from the screens of smartphones. Sometimes in addition to fixed barcode scanners cashiers use wireless barcode scanners for bulky goods.

Mindeo Fixed Retail Scanners are the necessary solution for check-out applications in the entire retail industry, where a fast and accurate transaction can increase a positive feeling of the customer. As the distributor and importer of barcode readers in Ukraine we provide warranty and after-sale support.