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Mindeo MP725 Bar code projection scanner

MP725 Bar code projection scannerMP725 Bar code projection scanner

Mindeo MP725 Bar code projection scanner

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The compact and stylish Mindeo MP725 barcode scanner is an inexpensive, but at the same time reliable and multifunctional barcode scanner, which is designed to work with both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. The scanner is equipped with the function of automatic image recognition, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the operator's work. Also, the MP725 model successfully decodes barcodes from computer device screens, shallow barcodes, barcodes from curved or reflective surfaces, as well as codes that are under a protective film.

Thus, this scanner easily copes with barcodes on tobacco and alcohol products, with barcodes of jewelry, as well as with codes on blisters of medical drugs.

The stylish compact design of the scanner makes it possible to adjust the angle of inclination of the scanning head, also on the body of this device there are special recesses that allow you to reliably and conveniently take the scanner for work in the run mode.

The scanner is integrated with the POS system using a USB interface with COM port emulation.

The scanner has an average barcode decoding speed of 95 scans/sec at a distance from 0 to 190 mm, which is optimal for checkout areas with low and medium throughput.

It is worth noting that this model of a desktop image of a barcode reader has a fairly high level of protection against dust and moisture - sealing class IP50.

Thus, if you need a reliable, multifunctional, compact, but at the same time inexpensive barcode scanner, the Mindeo MP725 model is absolutely the right choice and an economically viable choice.

Advantages of the Mindeo MP725 scanner:

- Compact dimensions;

- Ability to change the tilt of the scanning head;

- Reading small 1D/2D barcodes;

- Reading of printed and "electronic" codes;

- Exceptional quality;

- The best "quality/price" indicators.

Scanning technology Scan image
Scanner sensor 1280х800
Scanning speed 95 scans/sec
Scanning range From 0 to 190 mm
Types of barcodes 1D/2D barcodes, electronic barcodes
Connection interfaces USB, USB virtual COM
Protection class IP50
Working temperature -20-55°C
Dimensions 93 х 95 х 125 mm
Weight 299 g

The driver for USB Virtual COM can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website http://www.mindeo.cn/view_product.php?id=80&cid=79&lang=1###

USB Virtual COM driver installation guide